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Address: Las Vegas, Nevada

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(480) 588-7700

About Silver Streams Gardens

Our mission is to provide a single point of reference for you to gain knowledge within all aspects of the Spiritual Kingdom.

Craig L. Thompson

Founder and CEO of Silver Streams Gardens Inc.
Jewelry Designer
Craig L Thompson
Craig has the unique and gifted ability to create the jewelry, made of natural stones and crystals, to support each individual vibrationally in drawing in or magnetizing to themselves what Spirit sees is for their highest outcome. Sometimes it is a complete surprise to all what the purpose was of the jewelry but it leaves no doubt that Spirit was ever present and watching over the recipient receiving the jewelry.

Custom Pieces can be created for specific purposes by Craig. When he sits down to create the piece he just sets the intention for the specific stones that will support the individual in their desired outcome be brought forth and selected. An example for this would be the custom made pieces he created for a couple with the Rose Quartz and Hematite that assisted the couple in vibrationally changing their energy so that they were more in harmony with each other.

To Craig these pieces are like his children and he is personally invested in the honoring of his creations.

Craig has been open to Spirit and his higher awareness since he was a child. He often had out of body experiences and would see his family members sleeping peacefully in their beds as he hovered overhead. Trying to make sense of it all has been Craig’s mission for most of his life.

To use Craig’s words, when he creates jewelry for people made out of natural stones and crystals, the Elders from the other side of the veil work through him. He usually does not have a real sense of their presence but he just knows that they are guiding each step of the process and each choice of stone. He has no real sense of the purpose the jewelry is to serve for the recipient but carries a deep trust and knowing that it is perfect. There have been times Craig sat down to create with someone specific in mind, holding a vision of what he thought it would look like, only to be completely surprised by what the Elders had in mind when the piece was completed.

Craig has worked to become an empty vessel so that Spirit can come in and fill him up with its essence and create wonderful, supportive, vibrational pieces of jewelry that are meant to enhance your life in the highest sense of the word.

Craig is also an artist and works with Pen and Ink for the creation of spiritual artwork.

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