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Weather chosen deliberately for specific healing purposes or not, the “right” gem energies reach the people who choose them.  You should choose the gemstone that you are most drawn to at that particular time.

More and more people each day are increasingly drawn to gemstones and crystals, to wearing them in jewelry, keeping them on display in their homes, and using them consciously on every level for healing and energy work.  Often, those who work with stones have no cosmic understanding about them; they only know that they want the beauty of crystals and gemstones around them in their homes and in their lives.  Weather chosen deliberately for specific healing purposes or not, the “right” gem energies reach the people who choose them.  You should choose the gemstone that you are most drawn to at that particular time.

Gemstones and crystals come in many forms, and as long as the stone is natural rather than manmade, all the forms are positive for healing.  Some people prefer rough gemstones right from the Earth, some like the stones polished, cut, and faceted.  Some prefer using smooth, tumbled stones, gemstone eggs, or stones shaped into wands, spheres, or carvings.  Rough stones in matrix may be less expensive than those that are cut.  Tumbled stones are usually inexpensive, and gemstone spheres and eggs re coming down I price.  Gemstone jewelry is becoming more and more available in a wide price range.  Gemstone specimen’s come in all sizes and all grades.  Pick the size that is comfortable for your chosen use and the grade that is attractive in its price and aesthetics.  Stones with clearer colors have stronger energy, as do stones that are larger in size, but all natural stones have healing energy and there are many choices.

Stones can be used in a room for decoration while healing the environmental energy.  Then can be placed under a bed, massage table, or healing table, or on a goddess or meditation altar.  Usually, larger stones are used for these purposes. Smaller gemstones and crystals can be carried in your pockets or held in your hand while sleeping.  After a few nights practice they will stay in place.  They can be used in necklaces, rings, pins, earrings, or bracelets, as single stones or combinations of them.  In healing, they can be draped over the chakras or they can be taped to the skin.

An ancient use for Quartz Crystal and some gemstones (Clear Beryl, Obsidian, and Smokey Quartz particularly) was scrying looking into the stone for divination and prophecy and using the gem as a focusing tool for meditation and channeling.  Gemstones can also be made into elixirs and used as pendulums.  The key to using stones for healing is simply to place them into your aura (your body’s energy field), on or very near your body.  The stone can be anything that appeals to you.

Pick up the gemstone or crystal that most attracts you and hold it in your left hand. The left side of the body brings energy information in more strongly than the right side for most people, whether they are right or left handed.  Close your eyes, still your mind, and focus on the stone.  Notice what you sense and feel, both from the stone and in yourself.  Become aware of the energy of the stone, giving yourself some time to do this.  If you perceive no sensation after several quite moments, try switching hands, or try a different crystal or gemstone in your left hand.  Notice your mood and if there has been a change in it.  If you are new to crystal work, learning to sense energy may take some practice.  Gemstone and Crystal energy is delicate and subtle, and the sensations will be delicate and subtle as well.  Whether you perceive the energy o the stone or not, it will still affect you.

You may feel a tingling sensation, you may be aware of bright lights or colors; you may feel vibration, energy waves, magnetic sensations, heat, or cold.  You may be given an image, like running water or a place on Earth.  You may be able or unable to identify the source.  There may be sounds of bells, rain, or music.  You may see a past lifetime or someone you love, or be given information in words or impressions.  Your mood may lighten or become calmer or more excited.  No two people will experience gemstone energy or the energy of a particular gemstone or crystal in the same way.  Any or all of the senses may be involved.  The sensations are a part of your own energy vibration in combination with that of the gemstone.  If the sensations delight or interest you and feel good to you, if the give you something you need, the stone is positive for you.

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