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No gemstone or crystal works effectively as a healing tool if its energy is not kept fully cleared.  Clear a new gemstone before you use if the first time, and clear it frequently after each use.

Sometimes a stone you are strongly drawn to doesn’t feel good, or a stone that felt good before doesn’t feel good any longer. The stone or crystal ma be in need of clearing.  To clear a gemstone or crystal means cleansing if of extraneous energy from other or yourself that it may be holding.  Stones absorb energy from anyone who handles them, and quartz crystals and many gemstones heal pain by taking it into themselves.  If these unwanted energies are left in the stone, it will eventually clear itself, but in the meantime its ability as a healing tool will be greatly decreased.  Very overloaded stones sometimes self-destruct, shatter, fall, or get lost, and an uncleared pendulum will lose all accuracy.  Uncleared stones can transmit another person’s pain to the next person who holds the stone.  The clearer the energy of a healing stone, the more useful it is.

Gemstone users sometimes keep other people from touching their stones.  If a person is someone whose energy ou want in your life, they cannot harm you or your crystals by touching them.  Gemstones are healing tools, and if a person is in pain, whether the stones owner or someone else, the stone will help them.  Stones used for healing or in lying on of stones are used intentionally to absorb others pain.  So are gemstones or crystals worn as jewelry, kept in a room, or used in any other way.  Any pain or negative energy a stone absorbs can be easily cleared, and most of the pain held in a stone is from its owner.

Crystals and healing gemstones need clearing as soon as they are purchased.  They also need clearing after every use in healing; if they are used during a massage; after gemstone jewelry is worn; after a stone I carried in you pocket; of after you have slept with a gemstone under your pillow.  Pendulums may be accurate for only a few hours if they are heavily used; they need frequent clearing.  Gemstones and Crystals used on altars and as room energy healers need clearing regularly as well, more often in times of sickness or emotional distress than at other times.  Daily is not to often to clear actively used stones, and weekly clearing may be necessary for those used in the environment.

There are a number of effective ways to clear crystals and gemstones.  If nothing else is available, simply run them under cold tap water; however this is not as effective as other methods.  Always use cold water, crystals can shatter when exposed to heat, and allow them to remain in flowing water for several minutes.  Where stones have pointed terminations, as clear crystals do, point them toward the drain as water runs on them.  Do not clear Halite specimens in running water, the mineral (salt crystals) will dissolve.

Salt, in fact, is the most accepted and probably the most powerful method for clearing crystals. It is recommended for the initial cleansing of a new healing stone and for any time a stone is overloaded with negative energy or pain. You may wish to try methods other than salt, which strips everything except the programming from a stone. Salt can be dissolved in water or used dry.  To use salt water, mix a tablespoon of sea salt in a glass or ceramic cup of cold water.  Do no use plastic or metal containers.  Place stones to be cleared in the solution and allow them to soak for server hours or overnight. Highly overloaded stones may need to soak longer. To use dry salt, place dry sea salt in a glass or non-plastic container and burry the stones to be cleared in the salt.  Leave for several hours or overnight.

When clearing gemstone necklaces use dry salt, rather than salt water, as the water solution will quickly deteriorate the cord that the necklace is made of.  Dry salt or salt water will also tarnish silver settings for gemstone and crystal jewelry; they will need to be polished afterwards.  Use sea salt rather than table salt, as table salt contains aluminum and chemicals, Sea salt is available very cheaply by the pound at most health food stores.  For those who live near the ocean, salt water can be brought from the beach in a jar.  The gentlest way to clear crystals and stones with salt water is to wash tem directly in the ocean.

Stones may also be cleared by placing them in sunlight or moonlight, in the rain , or by burying them for a time in the Earth. Bright sun clears stones beautifully in an hour, but is detrimental to some colored gemstones that may fade.  Pink or purple stones like Amethyst, Ametrine, Rose Quartz, and Kunzite, and Fluorite in all colors fade quickly in the sun.  So do some light blue crystalline and ones like Celestite and Aquamarine, and darker ones like Smoky Quartz.  Stones can be left outdoors on full moon nights for clearing, fading is not a problem, but the stones clear less quickly and less effectively. Try hanging gemstones from the branches of a tree in the rain, day or night, for a gentle way of clearing them.

Stones can also be buried in the ground and left for a period of time, which is especially good for highly overloaded healing tools.  Place them with an aboveground marker so you wont loose them, or put them outdoors in a flowerpot filled with soil.  Leave the stone in the Earth for a full moon cycle, from Dark Moon to Dark Moon, for complete clearing.  Some stones will clear in less time.  Use this method for stones that have absorbed serious negativity or pain over a long period of time.

Various herbs can also be used to clear crystals and gemstones.  The herbs can either be used dry or burned for their smoke.  Stones may be buried in dry herbs such as rose petals, sage, cedar, or frankincense.  This is similar to using dry sea salt and is done in the same way.  Rose petals may take a long time for clearing, but they will leave gemstones and crystals with a lovely soft energy.  Rose Quartz and Kunzite especially feel good when cleared with dry rose petals.  Dry sage or cedar are stronger herbs and are ore effective for clearing stones, but still take longer than sea salt.

When herbs are burned and gemstones are passed through their smoke, the process is call smudging.  Smudging with sage or cedar is highly effective in clearing and cleansing crystals and healing gemstones.  Smudging oneself is also a good method of energy clearing and self-healing.  The herbs can be found tied into smudge sticks at health food stores, herb stores, and Native American Centers.  Be careful that smudge sticks do not drop burning sparks. And that they are put out completely with water after use.

The preferred way to clear stones us under a pyramid. Pyramids can be made of glass, copper, plastic, or cardboard as long as the proportions are correct.  Books are available on how to make your won.  Pyramids clear stones less quickly than sea salt does, but they also do not rot the strings of necklaces or tarnish silver.  They do not fade gemstones, as sunlight may. Most stones clear overnight under a pyramid, though some in heavy use take longer.  Because pendulums overload faster and take longer to clear you may want ot have a few to rotate, keeping each under a pyramid for about a week before reusing.  Pyramids come in all sizes, from a few inches to room size.

For stones to heal human (or animal or Earth) energy they must be able to transmit their highest and most positive vibration, possible only with cleared stones.  No gemstone or crystal works effectively as a healing tool if its energy is not kept fully cleared.  Clear a new gemstone before you use if the first time, and clear it frequently after each use.

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