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Directory of Gemstones & Crystals A-M

These are abbreviated expressions of the traditional metaphysical meanings and healing properties of crystals and stones, based the sources below.

Agate for grounding, balance and to cleanse away negativity.

Amazonite for inner truth and right relationship.

Amber for protection, chakra cleansing and positive energy.

Amethyst for intuition and to lift your spirit, to receive the healing of spirit into your life.

Antique Bone for the gifts of tradition.

Aquamarine for throat chakra healing, courage and clear expression of the highest truth.

Aventurine for balance, creativity and prosperity.

Azurite Malachite to light the beacon of the spirit, allow old patterns to gently dissolve and promote healing.

Black Obsidian for creativity, shielding and grounding.

Black Onyx for fearlessness and grounding.

Black Tourmaline to deflect negativity from outside or inside, neutralize electronic pollution and shield the aura.

Blue Chalcedony for conscious communication, calming and centering.

Blue Lace Agate for grounding, balance and cleansing energy.

Bone for structure, stability and bone health.

Carnelian for emotional healing and for continuous cleansing of other stones.

Cat’s Eye Tourmaline for balance, protection and insight.

Celestite to attune to your angels and spirit helpers.

Chinese Chrysoprase (Serpentine) for vital energy, stability and bone health.

Chrysocolla to empower the feminine, promote the expression of your heart, and link it to your life energy.

Cinnebar for the gifts of tradition.

Citrine to eliminate toxins, amplify chi and to integrate healing power and learning.

Clear Quartz for positive energy, light and protection.

Copal for energy balancing and connection to Earth.

Coral for diplomacy, peace and penetrating insight.

Fire Agate to heal and to burn away the dross.

Fluorite for intuition, balance and inner wisdom and to amplify the effects of other stones.

Fossil Stone for insights from the past and openness to the spirit of innovation.

Freshwater Pearl to enhance clarity, focus and integrity.

Garnet to purify the blood and enhance security.

Green Aventurine for harmony and healing the body and heart.

Green Tourmaline for calming.

Hematite for grounding in the body, manifestation and to strengthen the blood and liver.

Honey Calcite for confidence, abundance and manifesting your higher purpose.

Iolite for hope, healing old wounds and envisioning new solutions.

Ivory (antique beads only) for bone health.

Jasper for protection, nurturing and grounding to Earth’s stability.

Jet for protection and to eliminate negativity and fear.

Kambaba Jasper for balance, protection and to support service.

Kyanite to protect, create bridges around trauma, deflect negativity and align with the light.

Laboradorite for evolved intuition and to clear and protect the aura.

Lapis lazuli for enlightened wisdom.

Leopardskin Jasper for earthly pleasure.

Mahogany Obsidian to stabilize, energize and to eliminate energy blockages.

Moss Agate for abundance, new beginnings and the vision of beauty.

Malachite for focused insight into the heart of issues and for transformation.

Mother of Pearl to energize growth, provide insight into good choices, enhance cohesiveness and promote bone health and healing.


Legal Notice: Holistic healing stones and jewelry cannot substitute for professional medical help

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