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Directory of Gemstones & Crystals N-Z

These are abbreviated expressions of the traditional metaphysical meanings and healing properties of crystals and stones, based the sources below.

Orange Calcite to dispel negativity in the self and the environment and to stimulate the body’s internal systems.

Peacock Obsidian for shielding, visionary traveling and illumination of blockages.

Pearl to enhance clarity, focus and integrity.

Peridot for friendship and to transform habits.

Picture Jasper for grounding, protection, harmony and success in business.

Pink Opal to help balance blood sugars and for gentle healing of old pain.

Pink Tourmaline for active love.

Prehnite for divine protection, to enhance visualization and help release weight.

Rainbow Moonstone to clear the mind, open the psyche, protect the aura and stimulate joy.

Rhodochrosite for spirit/body communion, to illuminate the connection between heart and bone.

Rhodonite for active love, brotherhood and the balancing of male/female energies.

River Stone for energy flow.

Rose Quartz for unconditional love, joy and healing of old emotional wounds.

Rubellite Tourmaline for loving consciousness, vitality and to stimulate heart healing.

Ruby to purify the blood and energize change.

Russian Amazonite for a clear relationship between heart and mind.

Rutilated Quartz for transformation.

Serpentine for vital energy and bone health.

Shell to energize growth, provide insight into good choices, enhance cohesiveness and promote bone health and healing.

Smokey Quartz to illuminate darkness and ground spiritual energy.

Snowflake Obsidian to awaken dormant potential and ground spiritual energy.

Snow Quartz (Quartzite) for easy learning of lessons, cooperation and tact.

Sodalite for insight and effective communication in community.

Strawberry Quartz Strawberry quartz stimulates the energy center of the heart, bringing added energy to the quartz, and filing ones’ total person with the feeling of love.

Striped Amethyst to lift your spirit and facilitate embodying Light.

Sugilite to empower healing and to feel and manifest the healing power of spirit on earth.

Tiger Eye for protection, vitality and grounding.

Tourmilinated Quartz to transform habits.

Turquoise for attunement and protection and to strengthen and align the chakras.

White Jade for longevity, cohesiveness and access to spiritual wisdom.

White Moonstone for psychic and emotional stimulation and enhancing the power of feminine energy.

Legal Notice: Holistic healing stones and jewelry cannot substitute for professional medical help.

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