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Gemstones & Crystals for Physical Health

Many crystals are considered to help particular physical conditions. The associations are sometimes linked to ancient healing traditions, or to more modern uses of crystals in healing practice. It is important to stress that keeping, holding, or using a crystal associated with a condition is no replacement for conventional medical advice. Any persistent conditions or changes in physical symptoms should be reported to your doctor. However, having an appropriate crystal with you allows its energy to support you in your healing process.

The list below is by no means exhaustive; it suggests possible crystals in each context. There are many ways to use these stones, such as holding, carrying, or wearing a crystal, making a crystal remedy to sip during the day, or using a crystal in the bath. Any crystal can also be placed over the relevant part of the body and left there for about fifteen minutes to feel its effect. If meditating with a particular crystal, ask to be shown any relevant information to the condition you are experiencing. Repeat any treatment as needed.

ALLERGIC REACTIONS Hematite · Bloodstone · Rose Quartz
ANEMIA Garnet · Bloodstone · Hematite
ASTHMA Malachite · Rhodochrosite · Chrysocolla
BACKACHE Amber · Citrine · Danburite
BACTERIAL INFECTIONS Sulfur · Malachite · Aventurine
BLADDER PROBLEMS Prehnite · Amber · Orange Calcite
BLOOD CIRCULATION Red Jasper · Bloodstone · Hematite
BLOOD PURIFICATION Ruby · Garnet · Malachite · Aventurine
BOWEL PROBLEMS Lepidolite · Peridot · Green Fluorite
BROKEN BONES Calcite (any color) · Azurite · Fluorite (any color)
CANCER SUPPORT Rose Quartz · Sugilite · Watermelon Tourmaline
CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME Ruby · Amber · Aventurine · Amethyst
CONSTIPATION Smoky/Rutilated Smoky Quartz · Black Tourmaline
DETOXIFICATION Smoky Quartz · Sulfur · Malachite
DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS Green Fluorite · Amber · Citrine
EATING DISORDERS Rose Quartz · Kunzite · Watermelon Tourmaline
ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION Smoky Quartz · Zincite · Merlinite
EYE PROBLEMS Aquamarine · Blue Chalcedony · Blue Tiger’s Eye
FERTILITY (to improve) Rose Quartz · Garnet · Blue Moonstone
FIBROMYALGIA Amethyst · Aventurine · Blue Face Agate
FOOT PROBLEMS Black Onyx · Smoky Quartz · Prehnite
HEADACHES Rose Quartz · Blue Lace Agate · Aquamarine
HEART ORGAN ISSUES Iavender Quartz · Rhodochrosite · Garnet
HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE Amethyst · Chrysocolla · Blue Chalcedony
HORMONE BALANCE Amber · Blue Moonstone · Carnelian
IMMUNE SUPPORT Herkimer Diamond · Aventurine · Rutilated Clear Quartz
JOINT SORENESS Green Calcite · Azurite · Rhodonite
KIDNEY SUPPORT Aquamarine · Orange Calcite · Smoky Quartz
LIVER SUPPORT Carnelian · Red Jasper · Charoite
LUNG SUPPORT Lapis Lazuli · Turquoise · Rhodonite
MENOPAUSE SUPPORT Blue Moonstone · Carnelian · Amber
MENSTRUAL SUPPORT Bloodstone · White Moonstone · Carnelian
MUSCLE ACHES Hematite · Danburite · Red Jasper
OSTEOPOROSIS Calcite (any color) · Fluorite (any color) · Azurite
PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME Amber · Blue Moonstone · Kunzite
REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS (f) Chrysoprase · Blue Moonstone · Golden Topaz
REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS (m) Jade · Chrysoprase · Carnelian
SCIATICA Jade · Lapis Lazuli · Amethyst
SKELETAL SUPPORT Amazonite · Fluorite · Pyrite
SKIN ISSUES Rose Quartz · Azurite · Citrine
SORE THROAT Angelite · Celestite · Blue Lace Agate
SURGICAL RECOVERY Amber · Rose Quartz · Chrysoprase
TEETH PROBLEMS Calcite (any color) · Selenite · Fluorite (any color)
THYROID SUPPORT Citrine · Aquamarine · Lapis Lazuli
VARICOSE VEIN SUPPORT Amber · Bloodstone · Snowflake Obsidian
WATER RETENTION Hematite · Citrine · Smoky Quartz
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