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If you are experiencing a feeling or a mood and a particular crystal jumps out at you · then understand that this is the one that is suited to your current needs. Follow your impulse and allow that crystal’s energy to interact with yours. It should also be said that crystals are not necessarily a miracle cure, and if you are experiencing repeated emotional patterns and feelings of unhappiness then it is important to seek professional guidance. Crystal energies will support you in your healing journey; carry them, wear them, or make a crystal remedy to take.

This list of crystal correspondences links to moods, feelings, and mental attitude. The use of crystals to soothe the mind is another ancient practice; thousands of years ago, in India, particular crystals were linked to deities and accredited with different mental powers. Modern crystal healing suggests that psychological associations with crystals are individual; crystals are attractive because of their color · light reflections, or shape, and tend to represent levels of energy that are missing in a person’s life, which they can then replenish.

ADDICTION RECOVERY Malachite · Peridot · Smoky Quartz
ANGER Rhodonite · Chrysocolla · Lapis Lazuli
ANXIETY Rose Quartz · Amethyst · Aventurine
ASSERTIVENESS (to encourage) Citrine · Yellow Tiger’s Eye · Socialite
ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER Kunzite · Selenite · Azurite
BREATHLESSNESS (stress) Amber · Seraphinite · Green Calcite
BURN OUT Ruby · Garnet · Carnelian
COMMUNICATION ISSUES Turquoise · Lapis Lazuli · Angelite
CONFlDENCE (lack of) Citrine · Amber · Orange Calcite
CONFUSION Fluorite (any color) · Charoite · Lepidolite
COURAGE (to build) Bloodstone · Hematite · Yellow Tiger’s Eye
CREATIVITY (to encourage) Iolite · Phenakite · Cathedral Quartz
DEPRESSION (to ease) Amethyst · Angelite · Kunzite · Pink Tourmaline
DREAMS (to calm) Rose Quartz · Blue Lace Agate · Prehnite
DREAMS (to encourage recall) Herkimer Diamond · Labradorite · Elestial Quartz
DRUG ABUSE RECOVERY Smoky Quartz · Jet · Rutilated Clear Quartz
EATING DISORDERS Rose Quartz · Kunzite · Watermelon Tourmaline
EMOTIONAL DISTRESS Lavender Quartz · Carnelian · Purple Fluorite
FATIGUE Amethyst · Aventurine · Seraphinite
FOCUS (to build) Fluorite (any color) · Calcite (any color) · Selenite
FORGIVENESS Kunzite · Rose Quartz · Chrysopraser
GRIEF Rainbow Obsidian · Sugilite · Rutilated Smoky Quartz
GROUNDING Jet · Smoky Quartz · Black Tourmaline
GUILT (to ease) Amazonite · Aventurine · Rose Quartz
HYSTERIA Obsidian · Hematite · Smoky Quartz
INFERTILITY (emotional support) Pink Tourmaline · Ametrine · Purple Fluorite
INSOMNIA Amethyst · Lavender Quartz · Iolite
IRRITABILITY (to calm) Angelite · Blue Chalcedony · Lepidolite
JEALOUSY (to ease) Peridot · Prehnite · Citrine
JOY (to increase) Kunzite · Sunstone · Goldstone
LONELINESS (to ease) Carnelian · Amber · Orange Calcite
LOVE (to bring into life) Ruby · Rose Quartz · Emerald
MEDITATION (to improve focus). Lapis Lazuli · Iolite · Azeztulite
MEMORY PROBLEMS Green Fluorite · Amethyst · Selenite
NERVOUS TENSION (to ease) Sodalite · Watermelon Tourmaline · Carnelian
PEACE (to encourage) Angelite · Seraphinite · Pink sapphire
PROTECTION Bloodstone · Spinal · Hematite
PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT Lapis Lazuli · Iolite · Channeling Quartz
RELATIONSHIPS (to improve) Kyanite · Kunzite · Peridot
RELAXATION (to increase) Rose Quartz · Green Calcite · Blue Lace agate
SELF-ESTEEM (to improve) Citrine · Amber · Ruby
SHYNESS (to decrease) Sunstone · Orange Calcite · Zincite
TRAUMA RECOVERY Aventurine · Citrine · Chrysocolla
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