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Gemstones and crystals are part of the Earth Herself since fully a third of the composition of our goddess planet is made of Quartz, and the silica and water that crystal is composed of are also major components of our physical bodies.  Quartz is fossilized water and our bodies are 98 percent water.  The Earth’s magnetic field is crystal and gemstone vibrational energy and so it the magnetic field of the human aura.  Crystal’s piezoelectric effects, their energy fields, and the energy fields of other gemstones match our human energy and electrical frequencies.   Because they do, they can be used as tools for energy rebalancing when human frequencies need alignment or healing.  We are all part of Goddess Earth and so are the gemstones and crystals found within her.

A network of crystal and gemstone energy intersects the Earth.  At ground level this network is formed of the ley lines, the planet’s acupuncture map.  Beyond Earth’s body and mirrored in the human mental body aura is the universal grid.  This is formed by crystal and gemstone energy radiating from the planet and galaxy and also is incorporated into human energy.  The Wiccan adage for this is, “As above, so below.” The Grid contains our individual minds and the Collective Mind of society, as well as access to the Universal Mind of Goddess, or the all-creative Void.  The grid is the interface between our auras and that of the earth and universe.  The crystal grid is also the energy transmitter of the Nonvoid, the Goddess within way in which mind creates matter from the goddess Void.  It is out human connection between Goddess and the individual, and between the individual and the Stars.

Connecting Earth’s ley lines to her mental aura energy grid is a series of giant tuning crystals; some of them not clear quartz but other gemstones.  They are mostly underground or underwater.  These physically exist on the planet, scattered around the glove in key places.  Many of them are sites sacred to local peoples who still practice ancient ways.  Some of them are unknown or forgotten.  These crystals have been dormant or nearly so for thousands of years.  They were deactivated at the time that human DNA was willfully unplugged in a war between other-planetary forces over control of the developing Earth.  The result was the reducing of human information energy from a twelve-pared double helix to our current two-stranded one. That time was not so long ago, probably occurring in the same period as the goddess was dethroned by male patriarchal order.  The deactivated crystal grid was a major part of the information network that is our human heritage.

Human energy and Earth’s crystal grid, as well as all the crystals and gemstones of the planet, are now waking up.  The crystal grid is reactivating and slowly clearing.  As each giant of the grid opens, clears, and heals, it in turn reopens, clears, and heals the next smaller stones around it.  As the next stones awaken, thy too awaken those that are the next smaller.  The ultimate goal is to awaken, clear, and heal all the crystals and gemstones of the Earth, from the energy grid giants down to the tiny ones in computer chips and jewelry.  By healing all the crystals, the energy frequency of the planet is being healed.  In healing Earth’s planetary crystal energy, all human energy is also being reactivated, tuned, and expanded.  Human DNA will be healed and reconnected as the process slowly proceeds over the next several decades.

Crystals and gemstones have always been used by healers.  Because of their current energy activation they are not becoming an even more primary factor for healing people and the goddess Earth.  As the crystals and gemstones are opening and healing, their expanded frequencies also heal people opening, tuning, and programming human auras.  The giant stones are a connecting link between the ley line system and the universal mind grid.  The stones’ activation connects the human aura to the universal grid as well as to our own bodies of Light.  This energy body is the core soul level of the mental body that remains aware through the Soul’s many lifetimes and between lifetimes.  People are intrinsic in the universal Goddess plan, our minds and Light Bodies are part of the universal Goddess Mind.  Because of the stones’ activation, galactic and solar system energy can now reach us through the grid.  We are also being helped by advanced positive healers from other planets.

The little crystals and colored gemstones in our pockets and jewelry do more for us than we know, and their energy is increasing in usefulness as time goes on.  As goddess Earth awakens and heals, so the crystals and gemstones, her healing tools, awaken all Earth’s people, animals, every living thing.  We are becoming much more than people can ever remembered being before; we are becoming the Be-ings of Light, Energy, and information that was our original heritage.  Human twelve-strand DNA contains the genetic keys of all live in the universe, what Barbara Marchiniak in her book Earth calls the Living Library. That library is being repaired, healed, reactivated, and returned to us primarily by way of gemstones and crystals.


For further information on this, read Barbara Marciniak, Earth: Pleiadiam Keys to the Living Library (Santa fe, N.M.: Bear & Co., 1995), 12-16; and Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadiams (Santa fe, N. M.: Bear & co., 1992), 13-19.


Barba Marciniak, Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library, 12-16.

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