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Human energy ends with our physical bodies, but it does not begin there. The aura is a layered electrical field surrounding the physical body, and most of what it means to be human is contained in these electrical layers. Most healers are presently aware of four aura bodies: the physical or etheric double; the emotional body; the mental body (two levels, the rational and intuitive mind); and the spiritual body (three levels). Energy work until now has been based on knowledge of these four bodies that are the beginning point for metaphysical healing of all types. To be effective, healing must normalize the aura layer that is the aberrant source of a disease; physical body healing alone is not enough for permanent change. The human energy field, however, is far more complex than these four bodies.

Each of the bodies and aura levels also connects and feeds into an outer aura body layer. The emotional body connects to the astral twin, the part of consciousness that travels in meditation, psychic healing, or out-of-body experience. The mental body connects to the Body of Light or light body, which in turn connects the individual mind to the Earth grid (collective planetary mind), the galactic grid (other-planetary consciousness), and the universal grid (Goddess within or the Nonvoid). The mental body is the first of the aura bodies that continues beyond death.

The three spiritual body levels connect to outer aura layers that become the core soul. These design the other bodies below them, including the physical body, and create the blueprints for the current lifetime. These template levels comprise the actual soul. They do not end with physical death, but become the source energy of numerous incarnations. The first level, the Etheric template (not the etheric double) creates the physical body for this lifetime and maintains its existence and health. The second level, the Celestial body, is the template for the emotional self, including the astral plane and emotional body. The third level, the Ketheric body, creates the template for all the mental body levels.

Until recently these outer bodies and levels were beyond the reach of human healing. Today, however, with human psychic ability increasing (beginning the reconnection of twelve-strand DNA) and the planet’s own energy expansion with the Earth changes, it is possible to access these outer bodies for profound changes and soul-level healing. The outer levels are accessed through the chakras, using the well-known kundalini chakras on the etheric double to reach other lines of chakras located on the emotional and mental bodies. The series of chakras on the emotional body, called the hara line, is primary to this increased access.

What does this mean in terms of gemstone healing? Traditionally gemstones have been used to heal the kundalini chakras on the physical body aura level, the level also known as the etheric double. (They have been secondarily and less effectively used to balance the closest-to-physical aura bodies, the etheric, emotional, mental, and spiritual aura layers.) The physical-etheric level is the energy layer closest to the dense physical body. Most people who work with stones know the etheric double kundalini chakras and how to match gemstone colors to them for healing.


Today, however, we can go higher into the aura energy field with gemstones. They work on the emotional body level, accessing the chakras there. These emotional body hara line chakras in turn access the outer aura bodies, as well as act as a bridge between the outer bodies and the physical self. Gemstones today do much more to heal people than they did in the past, because of this shift from the kundalini tO the hara line. The gemstone listings in this book reflect hara line uses for many or most of the stones.

The benefit of this is profound. In a very simple example, instead of healing a woman’s migraine at only the physical level, the healing reaches the source of all her migraines. The cause may be at her etheric double throat chakra (kundalini line, traditional chakras) where she has withheld things she needs to say in this lifetime. The cause may also be from things she couldn’t say in a past lifetime, or from a series of past lifetimes that have resulted in core soul damage which manifests repeatedly through her many incarnations. Healing from the hara line, using gemstones that affect that line, can reach into the Etheric template level of the throat chakra (spiritual core soul level) and heal all the past lives and the core soul damage. Not only is the woman’s immediate migraine gone, but so are all her migraines through this lifetime and for all her incarnations to come. Migraines are no longer a part of her soul’s blueprint. To accomplish this, gemstones are used in the ways that they have always been used, but because human energy (DNA) is now being repaired, access to healing the outer aura bodies and the results are greatly magnified We. Ire only at the beginning of the potential.

The next sections deal with the chakras on both the Kundalini/etheric double and the hara/emotional body lines. Gemstones work through these chakras to reach the aura bodies and accomplish core soul healing.

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