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Wearing crystals is a convenient and simple way to enjoy their effects. Set in gold or silver, precious and pure metal elements that contain the crystalline energies perfectly, these gemstones & crystals are no longer simply ornamentation. They are healing tools that enhance and revitalize the energy field of the wearer. This is why sometimes it does not feel right to wear crystal jewelry that has belonged to someone else; that person’s energy frequency will still be around it. If the piece is cleaned properly and reprogramed then it will feel different and can be worn by another person.

The most effective type of jewelry to choose for healing purposes is a pendant that hangs down toward the heart. The heart is a bridging chakra between spirit and matter, and combinations of crystals work well there to spread their energy throughout the auric field. Crystals can also be placed in a small pouch attached to a cord and worn around the neck, hanging over the chest to keep special stones close to the heart.

Here is a list of some typical crystals that may be chosen as jewelry for energetic reasons:

ROSE QUARTZ To enhance unconditional love
CITRINE To energize the mind
IOLITE To inspire creativity
AMETHYST To relax the mind
LAPIS LAZULI To expand the third eye
AMBER To Enhance reproductive energy
MOLDAVITE To encourage transformation
CLEAR QUARTZ To keep clear focus
MOONSTONE To balance the hormones


Wearing crystals brings their energy directly into contact with the skin; they bring pleasure because they are beautiful objects and have healing effects.

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