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Tree Agate, Amozonite & Green Fluorite Necklace



Spiritual Properties:
Tree Agate: Instills a feeling of safety in the most challenging of situations. Imparting strength and perseverance, it helps in facing difficult circumstances. Encourages a positive sense of self and unshakeable self esteem.

Amazonite: Facilitates loving, compassionate communication by bridging the heart and throat chakras. Clears congestion from the chest and throat areas, easing sore throats and coughs. Helps to balance the energy of the thyroid gland in the throat.

Green Fluorite Heals heart scars, furthers emotional release, opens the heart to understanding what happened in the past, aids in integrating multiple personalities.

Butterfly: Metamorphosis, transformation, balance, grace, ability to accept change.

Necklace Details:
Small Round Beads (Green/Black) – Tree Agate
Small Round Beads (Bluish) – Amazonite
Round Cylinder Beads – Green Fluorite
Butterfly Shaped Stone – Amazonite


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