At Silver Streams Gardens, we offer fine gemstone and crystal jewelry designed for healing, meditation, and spiritual awareness. We have been providing healing pieces since 2006.

Earth's Treasures

 Learn about the healing properties of beautiful gemstones and crystals, gifts from the Earth that support your journey to wellness and spiritual mastery. 

The Power of Nature

 Inspired by healing and spiritual traditions of the Far East and North American indigenous cultures, master jeweler Craig Thompson brings unique wearable designs to life featuring gemstones and crystals with distinct energetic properties. Each handmade piece is a one-of-a-kind creation that connects you with the wisdom of the Ancients and the power of our beloved Earth Mother. 

Our Favorites


 Craig loves exploring curio shops, gem and mineral shows, and behind-the-scenes sources for unique and powerful healing stones to be incorporated into his jewelry designs.

Knowledge Base


Our library offers a comprehensive collection of reference materials about the healing and spiritual properties of gemstones and crystals. Bookmark our site and visit often!

Feel Like a Star


Wear our jewelry and notice the uplifting qualities of hand-selected stones. Each piece is crafted with intention based on the unique properties of stones and crystals used.

Learn About Gemstones and Crystals

 Check out our complete library of reference materials to learn more about the healing and spiritual properties of gemstones and crystals. The minerals listed on our page include those featured in our jewelry.

About Silver Streams Gardens


Our mission is to provide a single point of reference for you to gain knowledge regarding the Stones

Craig L. Thompson

Founder of Silver Streams Gardens Inc.
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